The Farmers

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We came into farming from two very different worlds!  Andrea grew up running through hay fields, playing hide and seek in old barns and farm equipment and making mud pies in the cool Michigan summer.  Tim grew up traveling the west coast with his family before moving to Spain where he and his 3 brothers found new and inventive ways to make mischief in the beach town of Castelldefels.

These days, Tim loves to design and build, fix things that are broken and cook delicious food.  Andrea still loves to be outside, growing veggies and learning more about how best to farm in harmony with the natural world.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We currently live and farm at the beautiful Bend of Ivy Lodge where we cultivate 1.5 acres of vegetables, take care of 8 brush goats and are experimenting with laying hens for the first time this spring!

We are looking to buy land in the coming year and we’re excited to combine our vision – to sink our roots into western North Carolina, to nurture and care for land, to grow food for ourselves, our friends and the Asheville community.  We’re also committed to taking time to travel – to see how the rest of the world grows food, raises their families, builds community and celebrates life!